How it Works

Setting Up FlagSpam Is Easy

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Sign Up

Set up a few simple settings and optionally, assign your team members using our user friendly interface.



Copy and paste our JS widget into your website, download our WordPress plugin or integrate your app using our API.



You and your team can start handling content reported by your users using an email-like interface.

FlagSpam Dashboard

Our Approach is Simple yet Effective

Manage all your reported content from one place, even when your customers are in many different places. We provide you with a powerful dashboard with search, filters, priority insight and more.

  • Process reports in a user friendly and organized manner.
  • Divide tasks between your team members.
  • Use our AI content classifiers to prioritize what's important.

Powerful Tools to Fight Unwanted Content

Focus on your core business and get to market faster. FlagSpam handles infrastructure, maintenance, and security overhead, so your team doesn't have to.

Fast and Easy Integration

Set up a few simple settings, paste our code and you are done. It's simple and quick, even for non-techies.

Team Manager

FlagSpam makes managing a geographically dispersed team a piece of cake.


We use the Transport Layer Security protocol (HTTPS) to provide privacy and data integrity between you and our servers.


Instant activity notifications, email notifications, and email digests to keep you up to date.

Built to Scale

Easily scale your FlagSpam account to handle increases in traffic with just a few clicks.

Stats and Reports

Measure productivity, see who is your most valuable team member and more.


FlagSpam is in Early Access Beta. We will notify you when you’ll be able to create an account.
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